Friday, July 10, 2009

Color Crazy quilt beginnings

The holiday weekend was busy, but not too busy to work on my sewing projects. I sewed on my pinwheels, but I kept gazing at my stack of colorful fabrics that I've been able to trade for (trading Amy Butler and Heather Bailey stuff I bought 2 years ago). I made up my mind to cut, and cut, and cut, on the 4th of July. Then, I went out of town for a few days. When I returned home and laid it all out on my bed, it was TOO MUCH. Yes, too much color can be a bad thing. So, I rethought my new Color Crazy quilt, and came up with these blocks.

I'm going to sash these 12.5" blocks with white, and add cornerstones (is that what they are called), and I'm making it queen size for MY bed (although both daughters are already eyeing it!)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weekend with whirlygigs

I know I have 3 other WIPs that I could be working on. But, after being inspired by several whirlygig quilts on some of my favorite blogs and Flickr, I decided to use a few of my Wee Play jelly roll scraps to make a little sample of my own. I'm going to add a white border and a multicolor binding soon....gotta get a darning foot for my machine so I can actually quilt something!
Some of my inspiration pieces:
autumn whirlygigs
isn't it beautiful!
sweet in blue
And I must mention Camille Roskelley's pattern that I'm going to purchase (as well as her YUMMY fabrics coming out this fall). I LOVE THIS!
and THIS too! Adding them to my Christmas wish list :D

I handmade a pattern following an online tutorial....(and I cannot find that link now that I want it again!) My blocks are 7.5" (finished at 7"). Only thing is, I don't have a baby, and it's too pretty to give to my daughter for her dolls! lol Maybe I'll save it for a gift for a special person.